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How To Get High For The First Time

Since it’s your first time smoking weed, you don’t want to go overboard and overdo it. You don’t need to smoke a ton of weed to get high and enjoy its benefits. While everybody is different and needs differing amounts of marijuana to get high, you should start slowly. Take one puff at a time, and see how that affects you.

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Why You DIDN’T Get High The FIRST Time. out there as well as some logic you can make some generalizations that might explain the COMMON phenomenon of not getting high successfully the first.

Whether to alleviate feelings from a crash, or to re-experience the high from initial use, a person may use again, beginning a cycle that can be extremely to break as time goes on. With repeated use, the user will start developing a tolerance and find that he needs to take more and more to get the effects he’s seeking.

Know (or Learn) Your Limits. If you’re stoned out of your mind after one hit, feel free to pass on the joint in rotation. Your mission was to get high for the first time, not melt your entire face off. Know your limits and act accordingly.

 · First of all, the first time usually takes a while before anything will happen because you have a clean system and it takes a while for the THC to hit you. You’ll know if you are going to get high when you inhale and you start coughing almost in a convulsive manner as if choking.

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my first time getttingg high was for new years eve. i was at a friends house and her brother gave us some weed. after a few hits nothing happened, i just coughed like crazy so i stopped. but about five minutes later i started feeling the effects. everything felt like a cartoon, or a movie. time went by so slow. i was so scared and paranoid, i thought i was going to die. i was zoned out, i was.

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